About Us

Welcome to the official site of the Gujarati Samaj of Capital District, a cultural, charitable, and educational non-profit organization based in Albany, NY. We are here to co-ordinate local Gujarati community activities. Please feel free to join the team and send suggestions.

 The purpose of the Gujarati Samaj is to:

  • maintain, enhance, understand, and appreciate Gujarati culture and language;

  • preserve Gujarati heritage by celebrating various Gujarati holidays;

  • encourage friendship among members with entertainment and sporting events; and educate youth about Gujarati customs.

    To promote these goals, the Samaj holds many events, including Navratri, Chopda Pujan, Annakut, Picnics, and other events.


We have following participating stores that provides discounts to Gujarati Samaj members

- Parivas -- 5% Discount on Groceries and Food

- Indian Bazaar - 5% Discount on Groceries

- Duniya Supermarket & Grill - 5% Discount on Groceries and Food

 Management Team:


  • Chairman:                     Manoj Ajmera

  • Vice-Chairman:              Manoj Shah

  •  Treasurer:                    Arjun Patel              

  •  Secretary:                    Kurtish Dharia